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This website is dedicated to the beautiful village of Divri (Lambia) of the region of Ilia, Greece. This is a place of great history and richful tradition with incredible natural beauty, where from prominent people emerged and helped Divri prosper while contributing to the local, national and international level.

We created this website to share our love and passion for this village and to provide updates, news, photos and tourist information to anyone who shares a special relationship with this village either because themselves or their ancestors were born here or because they visited this place and fell in love with it;  or simply, because they would like to visit it someday.

The site is split into the following sections:


Information with regards to this topic was taken from historian’s Nikos Anastopoulos’ book ‘I Divri Ilias sto diava ton aionon’ and from valuable information given to us by the publisher and editor of the historic ‘Divri’ magazine and nowadays his blog on Divri, Dr. Sotiris Sotiropoulos.

Photo Gallery

This section contains photos of places in Divri and of local people and social events at the village. Also, it includes old buildings that are part of the architectural and cultural heritage of Divri, as well as photos that show our personal point of view of the village and that which we think would interest the visitors of this website. The majority of the photographs belong to our personal archive and have been shot with all kinds of analog and digital cameras: From Rolleiflex and Pentax to Nikon and mobile phones. Other photos have been taken from Dr.Sotiropoulos’ archive or other sources, which will be credited for accordingly.

Divri News

Here, we will report any news of Divri and the surrounding area. The intention behind this section is not necessarily to give a timely update of news but rather to give an informative view of what is going on in this village for anyone interested. For this purpose, we will also update the news via a Twitter feed showing anything relevant or interesting we find over the web as well as provide excerpts from Dr Sotiropoulos’ blog and other sites.

 Tourist Information

In this section we provide useful information of how to get to Divri, where to stay, what to do etc.


We hope you enjoy this site as much as we do and hope that you share with us your love for this beautiful and picturesque village. Because this is our very own Divri. Your Divri… My Divri…

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