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This website is dedicated to the village of Divri (Lambia) of the region of Ilia. It is an honour to a place of great history and richful tradition with incredible natural beauty, from which people who gave value to Divri and contributed to the local, national and international level emerged. Therefore, it certainly deserves to be further known just as much in Hellas as elsewhere in the world through technology.

 We created this website to contribute towards the accomplishment of that objective and thus to contribute to the development and progress of our Divri. Besides, it must be said that nowadays, Divri faces the same problems that already tantalise most of the hellenic rural countrside.

 Decay, unemployment, absence of basic infrastructure, poor cultural life and no tourism.

 What measures should be taken to correct all these? Definately a lot. However, for the time being, it is not critical to suggest, analyse and propose as this can be done later on. The most important point is that this website was set up because of our love and interest on Divri, and thus the following sections/topics which are going to be included, will be frequently updated:

 1. Divri's historical background

Information with regards to this topic was taken from historian's Nikos Anastopoulos' book 'I Divri Ilias sto diava ton aionon' / 'Η Δίβρη Ηλείας στο διάβα των αιώνων' and from valuable information given to us by the publisher and editor of 'Divri' magazine , Dr. Sotiris Sotiropoulos.

 2. Photo Gallery

This topic contains old and recent photos of various places in Divri and of local people and social events at the village. Furthermore, it includes old buildings that are part of the architectural and cultural heritage of Divri, as well as other photos that show our personal point of view of the village and that which we think would interest the visitors of this website. The majority of the photographs belong to our personal archive and have been shot with Rolleiflex 'Pl 2.8 lense' or Pentax '1.4 lense'. Also, there are several other interesting photos, taken with simple analog or digital photos and finally a few photos are taken from other sources as well as Dr.Sotiropoulos' archive.

 3. Divri News

Probably the most vibrant part of the website. Here, we will report significant cultural and social news, issues with regards to the development and progress of the area and the activity of the local government and of others state bodies. The intention behind this section is not to to give a timely update of news but mainly to disclose definite facts and events related to Divri to anyone interested. For this purpose, news will also be taken from the local newspaper 'Entos tou Dimou Lambias' / 'Εντός του Δήμου Λαμπείας' and from 'Divri' magazine.


This section will clearly depict our own comments and opinions with regards to anything worthy of further discussion. It can be assured that MyDivri will stay away from any prejudice and will not dissent for the mere pleasure of dissidence as our objective is to act for the benefit of this land and to contribute towards its progress.

 5. Information on tourism

Accommodation, places of interest, maps, transportation information etc.

 6. Topics on local customs and traditions

Local couisine and recipes, tradional clothes, social and cultural events etc.

In conclusion, we promise to keep you up to date with anything related to Divri and always improve with your comments and support. You can contact us via e-mail at

'My Divri'